Boulder Direct. Wind Tower 5.5

At the top of the climb (2nd pitch), you have to squeeze through a quite narrow keyhole. (I had to remove my camera and backpack and still barely made it). Then down and off to the right you will see two bolts in the cliff face. Use them for rappel anchor.

Chris belays from the keyhole.
View down from just before the keyhole.

Rap down to the tree about half way, then use it to anchor for the second rap down to the base.

Stacey rappin'

View down from
rappel point.

Views of the Bastille were awesome from this perspective. Here, near the top of the climb, we see the top areas of the rock; the Eldorado Fowler hiking trail is just over and beyond.

There were never fewer than a dozen climbers on this rock at any time during our climb.

Quite a few were climbing without protection.
I find it strangely comforting to know there are people in this world crazier than me. I'm not sure what route this guy is on, but ...

Zoom shot.
Solo climber !



Laura begins her descent. Finally.
A final look up as we end a good day of climbing. The Bomb and Boulder Direct routes are seen, as is Calypso off to the left.

Mark and Chris
wrap it up.