Boulder Direct. Wind Tower 5.5

Krissy begins the bomb, while Mark coaches her.
Laura basks in the sun smiling while I ascend. You'd never guess it, but I think what she really wants to say is hurry the (explicative) up so I can start climbing!

Mark waves from The Bomb
He knows he's on camera...

Looking down.
Always cool.

The Whale's Tail, just West of the Windtower, seen from 2nd pitch. A pleasant 5.2ish slab climb, one of the first I did.
Looking down from the top of first pitch. Nice view of the Great Boulder at the base. Note the smooth slab face.

And an unknown climber
contemplating Calypso

Bastille from the first pitch. See all the little climbers?

Looking down again.
Zoom into Bastille base.

Redgarden Wall.
One serious rock!
Mark nearing the end of The Bomb.

Thumbs up!