Twin Sisters Peaks, Rocky Mountain National Park

But alas, all good things come to an end in time. Soak up the views, take all your pictures,
and get back down off the mountain before the weather really starts getting mean.

On the way down this squirrel was stalking me for a while,
seeming to beg for food, but I had none for him.

It's always depressing for me packing it in and going home after one of these trips, but there was one more awesome surprise in wait!
Just down the road from the parking lot this bull elk was feasting by the side of the road. I got out of my car and walked over,
prolly could have gone up and touched him, but maybe not a good idea. He wasn't scared of me - why would he be twice my weight
and with antlers like that ...

These are not zoom shots - I was really that close! And he didn't even care! Look at the rack on this guy!


Thought I'd fire up Google Earth just to check it out. Sometimes perspective isn't so accurate when way out in the mountains.
Actually it looks pretty much like I had it in my head this time for a switch. And totally un-f'n-believable the trail is visible
from a satellite in space! Here we are looking down from the North.

Here is the entire trail marked in red,
starting in the lower right where it
originates off the dirt road.

The switchbacks are evident, and you
see the trail split off to the two
summits in the upper left.

A view of the entire mountain along with
the unknown "South Peak" in the upper
left, identified with it's prominant
vertical ridge.

As I mentioned, it would be a long trek
to get over there.

A closer in view. Actually looks like
three sisters, not two!

Close up of the summit. The radio shack
is just visible to the right of the
trail end, but I can't see the marmot.