Twin Sisters Peaks, Rocky Mountain National Park

Now head back down to the saddle, hike a short way across rocky plain to the East peak.
Look it over, decide your path, and start scrambling up. It is really easier than it looks.
The views are different, maybe even better than from the West.

One possible way up ...
The East sister, looking up from the base.
Looking way South, with 8X binocular camera, through the rainy haze
can be made out South Boulder and Bear Peaks, and ElDorado Mountain.
If you expand the picture and know where to look, you can just make
out Nebel Horn summit.

Playgrounds from the past

Looking back towards that unknown "South Peak" again
You actually could get down into that valley from the saddle,
hike across, and scramble up the peak. But it would be a long hike
(trust me, can't tell from the picture), and a serious scramble
up to the summit.
I deceided not to this time. It looks enticing though ...
maybe on the next trip - this hike is definitely a repeater!

Zoom shot of South Peak

The West peak seen from the East summit

Views from the summits: