Twin Sisters Peaks, Rocky Mountain National Park

Finally! You walk up on to the saddle. You approach actually from the North and will be looking South as you arrive.
The West sister peak is immediately to your right, and the East sister is on your left somewhat further away.
The saddle area is fairly large, but can easily be navigated in not too much time; impressive views are to be had
from every place and direction. About 2300 feet above the trailhead at this point.

Here you are looking South-Eastish; the East sister
is the mound on the left; directly ahead (South) is
a "3rd peak", adjacent to the Twin Sisters mountain.
I don't know it's name, if any. I just call it the
"South Peak".
Here is a view directly South down the opposite side of the saddle.
This was most impressive especially with the rain and storm.
A nice view of a valley down there. Don't try to go down that way.

Looking back North from whence we just came.
The West sister will be on the left here,
but it is out of frame.

Another view South off the saddle.
I couldn't get enough of it.

As you arrive on the saddle, the West peak is immediately to the right. There is a path (I won't call it a trail) up,
and it should take you all of 5 minutes to get to the top. The East peak is about a tenth of a mile to the left, no path or trail,
but none is needed really. There is no marked way up - it is a rock scramble pure and simple. Just look at it and find your own way.
Third class, not hard. Both summit peaks are quite small, estimate about a hundred feet plus or minus, and the East peak is
noticeably larger, and is taller, than the West peak by about 50 feet. It is the actual "summit" of the mountain.

The West sister seen from the saddle
An emergency radio installation is seen at the foot
of the West peak. I never like seeing anything man-made
up in these mountains, but I guess this is important and
it's solar powered so it's cool.

The East sister seen from the saddle

The views from both peaks are awesome; can't say which is better. Do them both! These three are from the West peak summit.
Looking South-Eastish again to the unknown "South Peak", and back down across the saddle entry point you can see the
radio shack, tower and solar panels.


The East peak seen from the West summit

A stunning view of Longs Peak East face from the West sister summit, successive zooms; on the right is 8X.
There were climbers on that wall, but the camera can't see them.
Hope they got down (or up) before that storm hit......


This little marmot seems to have staked a claim for the entire West summit.
S/he appeared very tame and unafraid; I fed her bread from my hand.
Prolly not a good thing to do with wildlife, but everyone must be since S/he
followed me around as if expecting it.