Twin Sisters Peaks, Rocky Mountain National Park

Finally - the trees start getting smaller, shorter, more thinned out. The canopy opens up, and the hike starts getting cool.
About 2000 feet above the trailhead here. The trail becomes rockier and noticeably steeper, you begin to be teased by the views
which will only get better from here on, the July air is cooler and insects are fewer.
On the right begins the final stretch into the wide-open treeless path to the summit.


You are hiking along the West face of the mountain so the hill angles up to your right most of the time.
On the left is the treeline at about 2K, in the middle you see the trail as it is for the rest of the hike;
fairly easy to navigate if you don't quite see it here. In the right side picture, off to the left is the saddle
and the twin peaks. The view is awesome from here even if you don't make it to the summit.


There isn't much life up here, but what there is can be respected
for the noble struggle to survive in this lean environment. Small
but colorful flowers, moss, lichen, etc. A few picas and chipmunks,
other furry little friends too fast to get on camera.