Shadow Canyon, South Boulder Peak

At the summit you will see and hear birds flying around and perching on nearby rock outcroppings. Raptors? Eagles? Also, chipmunks will be seen in abundance scurrying about the rocks and crevices. (how did they get up here?)

Eldorado mountain and the Mickey Mouse ("Fallen Cross") rock formation, seen from the summit.
Also seen is the train tracks, and if you know just where to look, part of the Rattlesnake Gulch trail in Eldorado Park.
That would be in the direction of Eldorado Canyon State Park, but I can't make out any of those cool rocks I climbed.

BTW, sorry for the washed-out photos. Editing software has it's limits, as does my technique. There were few clouds in the sky and the sun was directly above!

Looking South-Westish
I think, but am not sure, those are the "cadillac crags" rock formation, popular with climbers. If so, the Eldorado Canyon hiking trail is just beyond and below them, out of view here.

South-West direction
and very close to the summit

Almost strait North, the ever present Longs Peak
North-Eastish, Green Mountain, "Sacred Cliffs", and the Flatirons being blocked by a tree

Bear Mountain is close enough so you can actually just see people on the top of it's peak; the omnipresent Devil's Thumb however, is not visible from here. (at least, I could not find it).

Neighboring Bear Mountain with a good view of the trail up to it. The city of Boulder is just beyond; part can be seen on the left.
(nothing political intended)
Zoom shot looking North. Green mountain, "Sacred Cliffs", and backside of the Flatirons visible from the summit.

North-West view
Indian Peaks, RMNP from the summit

Zoom shot of
Bear mountain ridge

Zoom shot of Bear Mountain. See the people on top?
Zoom shot of Denver from the summit, through the haze. Usually the view is clearer than this.

A zoom shot of Longs Peak in full glory from the summit. I have yet to climb that one ...

Now you must look foreward to the return hike. Just go back the way you came. It will be much quicker and easier. And on the way you will see things you missed on the way up. I guarantee it. So make sure your camera still has memory space left.

And when you get to the TOWHEE and HOMESTEAD junction, cross over the little stream to the right and take the HOMESTEAD route. Easier to travel on sore legs, and more open - you may see some cool wildlife there since it is more "out of the way".