Redgarden Wall; "Rewritten", 5.8

Looking East out of the canyon
Heading into Rebuffat's Arete we get that sense of exposure.

And the view West

Vertigo. Strait down.
Somewhere on P4 my rope heads up-up and away and I cannot see where it goes or hear anything so I just start climbing and hope my belayer is cool.

Rebuffat's Arete is sharp and steep, and a whole lotta fun. At the end, you will descend a small slab formation then hop on to a nearly vertical wall with twin cracks - one for each hand / foot. Climb to the summit and enjoy the views.

Views from the summit :



Views from the summit :


Getting down is a not-so-fun semi-scramble around the North and West of Redgarden rock. Be prepared to slip and fall a few times on the loose dirt and scree. This is hands down the most awesome climb I have yet done. I think the last pitch (Rebuffat's Arete) was the best part, better even then the traverse. For me, the "crux" was that chimney on P3! I will do this again. And again. Soon I hope. But without the chimney if I can!