Pellaea Flatiron, Nebel Horn Mountain

The 3rd and final pitch is the shortest, it is about the same as the first - good rock to climb but with another crux (5.6) midway.

The Wall
As you are climbing you will come to an almost vertical wall, which would be very difficult to climb with just friction. You will say WTF am I supposed to do with this !? (Actually it isn't that hard, one of our team even did it)
But if you meander a few feet left you will see this pothole in the rock. Climb strait up to it and keep going to the summit. The rock is easier here and the pothole of course is good hands and feet.

The way over it. (Bruce and Steve
wait for me)

Finally, at the summit. There's plenty of room up there to hang out and enjoy the views for a while.

Strait down the rock from the summit
Fern Canyon below, part of "The Slab" on Bear Mountain to the right, Fiddlehead on the left. There were climbers doing that overhang while we were climbing.
As with all of these hikes / climbs, Denver is often seen way in the distance thru the haze. Expand the picture to see it.

Denver in the distance
from Pellaea summit

Nebel Horn
Look behind and Nebel Horn summit is seen peeking out over the rocks
The Fern Canyon saddle is seen behind you also. The brutal Bear Mountain summit hiking trail is rising on the left. Note the incline. It just goes on and on ... (done that twice, maybe never again)

Fern Canyon Saddle

Panorama from the summit. Left to right Fiddlehead, Onoclea, Goose, then East over the plains with Fern Canyon access trail, part of lower Bear Mountain ridge and "The Slab" rock :



Rock wall behind the summit
Rapping off this one is fun. Short, about 30 meters, and over a cool overhang.

The rap down

When you get down if you don't know the way out you may have a problem, it's not obvious. Actually, you just go strait back from the rap landing until you see a tight little rock gully going down about 20 feet. You can scramble down, or better, just sling a rope around the big tree. Then hike left until you meet the upper Fern Canyon trail.