Resume C/V for Lloyd M. Garrick

Lloyd M. Garrick



Professional Experience




Are you interested in research, process development, or manufacturing support for hypervalent sulfur fluoride compounds?
Aromatic SF5 , Perfluorosulfanate , Pentafluorosulfanate , Sulfanyl Pentafluoride , Sulfurpentafluoride , Perfluorosulfanyl , Pentafluorosulfanyl , etc.;
The compounds have many names, and are of the general formula:     Ar-SF5

Only recently available, and at high price for small amounts by inefficient synthesis methods, they have much promising future potential
in many diverse areas such as pharmaceutical, agricultural, bioactive, polymers, dyes, organic semiconductors, liquid crystals, explosives, to name a few.

I spent six years developing the first economically practical production processes for these compounds, as hyperlinked below;
I would like to continue this research, and there are very few other people skilled and knowledgeable in this chemistry.

I have some new research ideas which would not only improve even the existing new process significantly, but would also skirt the existing patents - all I need is a lab!
And the climate (thin cool dry air) in Colorado and nearby states in this part of the country is perfect for this type of work.


Are you a bio/tech/pharm/med company with entrepreneurial spirit doing novel drug discovery and development?
Or are you looking to develop the next generation of agricultural compounds?
Do you want a serious edge over your competition?
I can make FLUOLEAD (the novel new deoxo-fluorinating reagent) and a variety of Aromatic-SF5 building blocks for you right now!
No need to purchase them from current suppliers at rediculous prices!