Redgarden Wall; "Icarus / Yellow Spur", 5.6

On the peak. It's sharp.
Barely room for two people to stand :

Steve Johnson

Lloyd Garrick

All good things must come to an end. (But I still hate it when they do). There are several ways to get down from here. What we did is a downclimb thru 4th or EZ 5th class rock and scree, ultimately arriving in the familiar valley in front of the Wind Tower, and then the usual hike out of there.

It occurs to me that would actually be an easy climb up to the summit, but then you wouldn't be able to climb up the arete. And as you prolly know, climbing down is somewhat harder than climbing up. I think I'll rap down next time.

The downclimb begins
The summit is up and off to the left here.

Lotsa loose rock around here.

The downclimb continues

Sorta like climbing down the Whale's Tail slab in many places.

The down "climb" nears the end; soon after this point it is just tedious 3rd class down to the valley and trail out.

The fabulous Wind Tower!
I never saw it from this angle.
Recognizeable, but different!

Good view of the Fowler Trail and part of the Bastille.

This ties with Rewritten as the most awesome climb(s) I've done yet. (And it's only a 5.6 !?). Both are on the "definitely to repeat" list.