Redgarden Wall; "Icarus / Yellow Spur", 5.6

Looking South across the
canyon as we start up P4

Looking down from
the start of P4.
Strait down.

The goal is in sight
Again, the camera angle messes this up. The arete itself is at the far rite. The route bears to the rite up and over the little overhang. The arete is not as steep as it looks from the ground, about like the flatirons I thought. But the wall is close to vertical, much steeper than it looks here.
It only looks horizontal cause I was pointing the camera alongside parallel to it. It's hard getting these shots while trying to balance and keep from falling off - gimme a break!

Looking down the arete

Another (better) shot
looking down the arete
Looking down into Eldorado Canyon, this is the South/East side of the arete, it will be on your rite as you climb. A bit runout on this pitch - you don't wanna fall off either side. Just straddle it and climb up - actually the easiest part of the climb I thought.
The arete is on the far rite just outa frame. Looking down the slab which is on your rite as you climb.

Incredible views from the summit, the top of the arete :