Gematrics [Numbers in Words]; Numbers in Scripture

I have been fascinated by the occurence of numerical patterns in Holy Scripture for some time and have been studying it extensively. There are numerical values and meanings to various words and phrases, there are numerical patterns in the text; so much it would take a lifetime to even get started.

There are many books, videos, material on this, and significantly, most of it has been uncovered only in the last 2 or 3 decades - with the advent of computers.

Daniel's 12:4 Prophecy is coming alive - in the End Of Days the 'Hidden Book' within is being uncovered! I am working a number of books and videos at this time, the major ones right now are:

  • "Cosmic Codes" by Chuck Missler
  • "The Pattern and the Prophecy" by James Harrison
If you want to get in to this these 2 books are a good start.

If you can code, even at an intermediate level, you can follow along as you read, verify the findings with your code, and even elaborate some more. This is what I have been doing.

This web page is under construction and will be for some time as I continue along; in fact, it is just beginning. As such, I will post my findings and some scripts and programs here. A couple for start are below. All these are (will be) written in Python and run from the Linux command line. [I no longer do Windows or MicroShaft]

This program [Gematria Scanner] will import a text file [it can be an entire Bible, other "Sacred" text, whole dictionary or encyclopedia, etc.], parse it into words and scan each word for it's numerical total using the algorithm: A=6, B=12, C=18 ... ... ... Z=156. [you can choose the number to scan for, be it 666, 888, 969, whatever].

I find 70-80 or so "666" words in the Bible, depending on version and translation, and there are about 4000 such words in the English language, from scanning a 5Meg dictionary.

The analogous program in Greek, using the natural Greek numerical equivalents, also works as a script, but the compilled program chokes up when run - prolly due to the weird Greek symbols. When I figure out what is going on I will post it here also. And the Hebrew program - is proving to be quite a challenge. (Something about the way the font is rendered - right to left).

A text file with some results can be downloaded here if you don't want to bother playing with the program.

Here is wisdom. He that hath understanding, let him count the number of the beast;
for it is the number of a man: and his number is Six hundred and sixty and six.
      Revelation 13:18 (ASV).

I thought I would mirror this here, from one of my other websites.
This program is writ in VB6 and runs in windows (not Linux).
It will calculate the English Gematria value of any entered words or phrases.

Pascal's Triangle and numbers has extreme significance in Mathematics and Theomatics; this program computes and displays the numbers for a triangle of any size.

Take any number, generate the cubes of the individual digits, add them up; repeat and iterate this process and strange patterns emerge! For one thing, every third number [~33%] eventually falls to 153, the mysterious "fish" number in John 21:11. Every other number will eventually fall to   370 [~18%],   371 [~29%]   or   407 [~4%].   All remaining [~17%] degenerate into one of only   four   repeating cycles:

  • 55-133-250 [~5%]
  • 160-217-352 [~4%]
  • 919-1459 [~3%]
  • 136-244 [~1%]
And ~3% fall to zero.

The Biblical [Universal? Spiritual??] significance of these 4 very special numbers and sequences is only now being discerned. This is called the Trinity Function of Digital Roots, and this program can be used to investigate them:   Digital Root ["Trinity Function"]. This is actually the 3rd order subset of the mathematical "Armstrong" numbers.

These programs [Text Search] will import a text file [again, it can be an entire Bible, other "Sacred" text, whole dictionary or encyclopedia, etc.], and scan it for the number of occurences of a given word or phrase, per user input. It has become apparent recently that there is often a significance to this number and how it relates to the word or phrase.

And this program [Word Count] will import a text file [It can be a short file, or an entire Bible, other "Sacred" text, whole dictionary or encyclopedia, etc.], and print out a list of all unique words and the total number of times the word occurs in the text.

While we are on the topic of Creation .......

When you look up at a starry sky on a clear dark night, do you just see a pretty picture (as most people do), or do you have any freakin' idea what you are looking at? Are you aware of the scale of sizes and distances? How incredibly vast it is, and how small are we? You may know the sun is about one million miles diameter [ 1,000,000 or 1e6 in Scientific Notation ], the Earth's orbit diameter is 186 million [ 1.86e8 ], and the Solar System out to Pluto is about ten billion [ 10,000,000,000 or 1e10 ]. But after that, going to the stars, the zeros really start adding up, and human consciousness simply can't grasp it.

What we need to do is anchor to something we can grasp, like the Sun or Solar System, then scale everything down by Orders of Magnitude to a more reasonable size. This simple program, [Astronomy], does exactly that. You can enter a conversion factor, and see many common Astronomical Objects brought down in scale for thee to ponder.

Example: using a conversion factor of 6e13, the Sun is now 0.001 inches across; were it not for it's incredible brightness you wouldn't be able to see it. The diameter of Earth's orbit is now 0.2 inches, the Solar System is about 1 foot across. Average distance between stars is 1 mile at this scale, our Galaxy is about 10,000 miles across, the distance to the nearest Galaxy (Andromeda) about 200,000 miles, and the scale of the known observable Universe about two billion [2,000,000,000, 2e9] miles, about half way to Pluto.

It would seem that travel to the stars in the "classical" sense could never be realistically possible. Think about it from the example above. If the Sun is 0.001 inches, the Earth is 0.00001 inches, and any "spaceship" would be atom-sized. Imagine that then travelling one mile to the nearest star! Yet it must be possible, as we have been visited in the past (and now). It won't be done with rockets, or "ion propulsion" or "stellar sails" or anything we can imagine right now. Something entirely different and as yet unknown to our science.