Flattop Mountain, Rocky Mountain National Park

The descent begins. Green is seen again, small furry things running around the rocks, birds, even the insects are back. I can breathe again! And the wind, still strong, is now on my back.

Seeing green again.
Much of the trail is about this angle - relatively shallow but steady.

Longs Peak beyond a scree field.
The twin lakes again (Helene and Two Rivers); zoom-in shot.

Re-entering the zone of life, the tree line. Into the valley of the Christmass trees.
The colors of Autumn are always pleasant, however, they are an indication of a depressing reality. Hiking and Climbing season is almost over, and I must spend 4 months in useless Winter hibernation before I can come back out and start living again.

And finally into the Aspens.

Finally, on the way home driving out of the park, 8 hours after starting, 2 more Elk just ignore me.