Flattop Mountain, Rocky Mountain National Park

On the summit now, about 4 hours into the hike. The most prominant feature (ahead and to the left) will be Hallett's Peak. I originally planned to do it, but the cold and the wind stole my resolve, not to mention the thin air. It would only be worse up there. I am told one gets used to these altitudes with continued exposure. Time will tell. Hallett's (and 14ers) will have to wait till next year.

Hallett's Peak
If you continue to the end of the plateau, you can actually access the ridge leading up to Hallet's, and scramble to the summit. It looked about half a mile, and another 3-400 feet elevation - just shy of a 13er.

The omnipresent Longs Peak from the summit.

Remember those mounds on the way up just after clearing the tree line? You see them now from the other side, right about on the summit now. Might be good for Bouldering or easy climbing - if you have the energy up here.

Cliff drop-off at the summit

Snow, ice and rock. Like Mars.
The "summit" looks like this in all directions. A featurless rocky plain. The views are spectacular in all directions, but everything is way in the distance. You can also walk up to the "edges" and peer down into the valleys. It is quite large - it would take a couple hours to walk the perimeter.

Various views from the summit :



Zoom shots of Longs Peak from the summit :