Flatiron #1. East Face Direct Route, 5.6

On the summit of Flatiron #1

Looking East to Kansas.

Looking West from the summit.
South from the summit. Seal Rock and Goose in the distance.

Looking East from the summit.
Looking North from the summit.

After a couple pitches South along the ridge, we come to the highest point, the extreme South tip of Flatiron #1. About 800 feet above the trailhead (so sayeth my trusty skydivers altimeter).

We will rap off the back (West) side, and you can see the dirt is barely 100 feet or so down. A couple bomber bolts at the top make for a nice rap down.

I begin the rap down.

Hangin' by one little rope 100 feet above splat-zero ...

Strait down - about 100 feet it looked.
A rap-on-the-rock at first, then free hanging after that little overhang.
I'm down safe, now Steve follows.

Pretty rock, yes?

From here a short hike down between Flatirons #1 and #2 takes us back to where we started.

Steve Johnson poses at the base of the Flatiron by the bridge - where we started 3 hours earlier.