Flatiron #1. East Face Direct Route, 5.6

5th or 6th pitch? I kinda lost count about then.
Clear view North and Foothills. Sanitas Mountain and valley strait ahead, Flagstaff just below.
Looking North-Eastish to Nebraska.

5th pitch, pretty sure (near the ridge now).

On the 6th pitch which takes us up to the ridge.
We've cleared the 3rd Flatiron! (the 2nd is seen lower left).
This is a "false summit" on the ridge, one of several. It is not the highest point but it's still cool.

On the ridge now.

Looking North again from one of the false ridge summits.
Looking West from the ridge toward the Indian Peaks. Longs Peak can just be seen amidst the whitewash.

Looking down towards Boulder. Part of the access trail can be seen.
Looking strait down the Flatiron now from the ridge.

Looking North from a ridge summit.
I like the view North! See that road winding up Flagstaff? You should drive up it sometime if you haven't yet.
Nice view of the trailhead, and just about all of Boulder, from the ridge.

More of those freaky cloud shadows ...