Flatiron #1. East Face Direct Route, 5.6

This is a popular rock! Even on a Tuesday, when most people (like me ...) should be at work, there are many climbers here.

Looking down from the top of the 1st pitch.
Other climbers started chasing us up about then. See the bridge? We're about 100 feet up here.
The Northern Foothills there. Sanitas Mountain and valley is seen top left just off the rock. That's a nice hike - check it out sometime.

Looking North from the 2nd pitch.

This is a TRAD climb, and a classic at that. It is not considered a "sport" climb really, however, there are a number of bolts in the rock at a few strategically convenient places along the route.

View from pitch #2.
Looking down at the access trail where we started, and Baseline road; the Ranger cabin is just visible. All of Boulder is there also.
Somewhere down there is where I work to earn the money to pay for these adventures, but I can't seem to find it.

Top of the 2nd pitch.

This climb has a 5.6 rating, which means although not cake-ass easy, it is not extremely difficult either. None of the actual climbing from bottom to top was particularly difficult, however, this is a long climb and can take up to several hours depending on your ability. You will get a workout.

Looking South from the 3rd pitch.
Note the angle and texture of the rock - pretty much like that the whole way.
Sanitas Mountain valley and Northern Foothills from pitch #3 - a little higher now.

3rd pitch.

A little ledge out on the 3rd pitch.
Another shot of the trailhead - a little higher now. It's getting farther and farther away ...
Flatiron #3 stares back at you.

Looking South from the 4th pitch.

Not all pitches are created equal. The average length is about one rope length - 60 meters (180 feet) in this case, actually somewhat less accounting for tie-ins, knots etc. Some are harder than others; the 4th pitch was refreshingly easy - note all the rock handles, foot holds and grips here.

Steve leading the 4th pitch.
No - that is not the top yet!
Northern Foothills again - getting higher and higher ... Cool cloud shadows on the ground.

On the 5th pitch.