Estes Cone, Rocky Mountain National Park

The end of the normal hiking trail most people take is not really the summit, if you define summit as the absolute highest point. But the views and exposure from here are still awesome! Look at the left picture, expand it. Now look in the upper left behind the trees - you can just see the wall of the summit block proper. It is easy to scramble out into the rocks - I went to the trees. You get a few extra feet altitude (makes no difference) but much view is obstructed by trees and rock. The summit block looked like a technical climb (albiet an easy one) or at least 4th class. I am a climber but I had no gear or belayer, and honestly prolly not the energy after that hike up, so I let it go.

What I have since found out (after the hike) is that there is a way up to the summit without technical climbing. I missed it! Lesson learned - do some freakin' research before hitting the trail. Now I have to go back up there and do it right! I hate it when that happens!!


Normal and zoom shot of the Twin Sisters. A 12er next on my list. You actually get a good view of this from the parking lot also.


Looking back down the rock scramble a smaller set of twin boobs and a whole lot of mountains in the distance I don't know what they are but they look cool as hell from here.


A lake (Chasm? Lily? I don't know) and more mountains. So many mountains. So little time...


Long's Peak, Mount Meeker and the Continental Divide, and other things I don't know or recognize from here.




When I get up there again (in a few weeks or if not, early next year) I will update this with pics from the summit block, but they prolly will look much the same.