Bastille, North face crack, 5.8

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A distance shot as we near the summit. Steve and Tyler together near the start of P4. I am almost in the center of the picture, barely visible, a little behind them, cleaning the pro on the way up. A ways below me are the "cool" team that shadowed us up all the way.

Either that is one big rock or we are just real small. Note the perspective. The "cool" dudes look bigger cause they are closer - you are not looking at a flat vertical face here. As the route ascends it is angled inward (farther from the viewer).

Zoom in to above pic.

One of the cool things about this climb, prolly one of the reasons it's such a classic, is the wide variety of moves and problems throughout the route. There are excellent cracks, flakes, opportunities for liebacking and all sorts of hand and foot jams, some boulder-hopping bordering on scrambling; heck - I even did a few old-fashioned pullups! And at the top of P4 - a chimney!

Steve leads the final stretch of P4 to the summit.
Off to the right dihedral is a 5.9 crack to the summit, to the left is the chimney, which we did. You can not clearly see it in this picture, but it is there in the top half and quite narrow.
A deep valley between Bastille and a neighboring rock. Don't fall in.

Staring down from the summit.

Looking Northish from the summit.
I think that is part of the Windtower.
I think that is Redgarden Wall in the distance. And a little summit tree too.

View from the summit.

We scrambled up this little mound on the summit to access the descent trail.

That braided steel cable is about 1-2 inches diameter of serious heavy metal. And it sure ain't no climbers rope. I am told someone strung it between Bastille and Wind Tower, and titerope walked across! Well, why not? If people are crazy enuf to climb up these things why not do that as well!?
All in all this is an excellent climb! The only thing that sucked about it is we didn't rap down. We have to walk down this steep grungy descent trail.

How you get down from Bastille.

At the base of Bastille
where we started 3 hours
Rite-2-Left :

Tyler Peterson, Steve Johnson, Lloyd Garrick.