Mount Audubon, Indian Peaks Wilderness

Before starting down I had to give my extreme zoom binocular camera another try.
I don't know if it's the device that's not so good or a feature of extreme zooms themselves,
but the pictures are always hazy and editing software has it's limits.
I thought I'd post these two anyway.

Looking strait into Boulder at Bear Mountain,
Nebel Horn and South Boulder Peaks.

Longs Peak of course,
beckoning all who dare.

After walking around a while an the summit, you may not come back to the same spot you came up on.
In other words, you may lose the trail (or what passes for one anyway) down. I missed it entirely,
and didn't see a single cairne on the way down. As it happened, I was way off to the right.

It is much steeper than it
looks in this picture.
The plateau trail is easily visible even from the summit.
Just head down strait for it!
No trail down, no path. Just jagged rock-hopping and what I call
"reverse" scrambling. But it isn't difficult and you are actually
taking a bit of a "shortcut" down!

After a half hour or so the
trail begins to get closer.

Back on the trail now just head back home the way you came.
Keep a lookout for all the cool sights you missed on the way up.

Had to fire up Google Earth again. It's always cool doing that after these hikes.
"Oh yeah - I remember that! - that's where I was! So that's where that part goes ... etc."

The summit, snowpack, and meteor crater.
If you expand the picture you can just
make out part of the trail.

From the other side. Plateau seen in the
extreme upper right. Nice view of
Emerald Lake Valley.