Mount Audubon, Indian Peaks Wilderness

Enjoy the plateau walk. It is about the easiest part of the hike, gently sloping with wide open space and awesome views. At the end the trail gets noticeably rockier and steeper for the duration. You will veer off right and switchback up some mild rocky slopes as you make your way to the final summit scramble.

As you procede along the plateau trail, the best views are initially to the left.
You can't tell from the pictures, but between the mountain ridges in the background
and the end of the grassy plain lies the huge bowel shaped indent that makes this
mountain so recognizable from all over the state.
Especially in picture 1, it looks like you could just walk across up to those ridges.
You can't. There is a large cavity dropping about 1500 feet in between.



In the last half of the plateau trail the views on the right take the prize.
The majestic Longs Peak rules (as always around here), and a whole panorama of
mountains, elevated plateaus and valleys are seen, and you are still no where near
the Audubon summit yet! Note the clouds. The weather looked like it was getting mean
again but it decided not to after all.


There are a lot of people on this trail - more than I have seen on any hike yet.
If you want solitude in the wilderness choose another route.
But it's cool. Everyone is friendly.

You can't quite see the summit - it lies just beyond
what looks like it in this picture.
The trail veers right, and the scramble to the summit begins on the right side
of the rockpile just beyond frame in the picture. And you may be nearly
horizontal with the clouds at this point.

And after a little more hiking you will arrive at the base of the summit mound.
Here are three views from successive heights up - and they all look the same.
The "trail" is very poor, and can just be seen in the first two pics; you need to
keep watch for the rock cairnes; some are big and easy to spot, others are not.
It is more of a scramble than a "hike" at this point; don't worry about getting
off trail - just keep heading UP! A bit tiring, but not at all difficult.


The views on the way up are awesome.
Take a break and look behind you!

Almost there now. Almost.

The Summit!
2700 feet
above the trailhead.

The summit is a fairly large and flat elongated area covered with large broken up flat sandstone like rock.
Take your time and enjoy what you have struggled several hours to achieve. Walk back and forth, up and
down the area, take in the views and snap pictures. There are several large stone "pit" like structures,
obviously man-made; I don't know what they are, but could very well be barbecue pits. If so, use them!