Flatiron #5. North Ridge Route, 5.4

On the 4th pitch.
Nice view of the Northern Foothills and the first 3 flatirons! The 3rd was full of climbers all day - you can see them if you look closely.
I begin the final stretch to the summit.

Nearing the summit.

Look at that ridge! Just stand up and walk! Who needs a rope? Maintain your balance ... it's about a 200 ft drop off the other side.

Looking South from P4. Nice perspective of the rock angle and texture. Seal Rock just visible in the distance.
Seal Rock in the foreground, The Goose behind it on Nebel Horn mountain. Way in the distance is Table Top mountain, near where I live. It was on fire a few weeks ago.

Zoom shot South from P4.

Looking down at Boulder from the summit. We are high enough to see the curvature of the Earth! Not really, that is an illusion, an artifact of my not-so-perfect photography, or the camera itself.
It never ceases to amaze me how different everything looks from different perspectives, views and angles. From the street NCAR looks like it is right up against the mountains. Actually, it is on a little plateau and there is quite a valley between it and the mountains there.

NCAR from the summit.

Bear Mountain Peak rises in the distance. Seal Rock and Nebel Horn can just be seen behind the camo-colored rock in the foreground.
Royal Arch, barely recognizable, from the summit. Yes, we could still hear the hikers down there.

Cool view North from the summit, the first 3 Flatirons as the thunderclouds started rolling in.
There it is - the summit of the 5th Flatiron, seen from underneath. We rapped down from there, about 100 feet.

After the rap, you hike back down to the Royal Arch and just take the trail back. The problem is getting back down to the Arch. Don't go left (climber's left, North). It looks intuitively correct, but it won't get you back. The way down is to the right (climber's right, South). The trail is poor and you need to use a lot of instinct or be with someone who knows it. It is steep, rocky, scree fields and thick bush, slippery and poison ivy everywhere. It sucks. Don't try it in your climbing shoes. But the climb is Kick-A so it's cool.